My name is Christine Mitcheson and I live in Australind, Western Australia.

I've been doing classic motocross photography since approximately 2008 for a few clubs in Western Australia. I started doing it because my husband was racing and I got bored passing spanners or looking for small bike parts on the ground.

Turns out I absolutely love it! Love the excitement, noise, anticipation, and dirt.

I accidentally called myself the Feral Photographer a few years ago, when after photographing the Manjimup 15,000 there was so much mud I couldn't tell the moderns from the vintage guys, so I went a bit feral taking photos.

I justifed calling myself the Feral Photographer because if anyone's been to a motox weekend, they will know there are generally no showers and lots of dust, or mud if it's been raining. So after a day of this without my hairdryer I tend to look a bit feral!

I have worked in web and media for 20 odd years, managed and developed websites, graphic design, and desktop publishing. I taught web and media at TAFE for 5 years and business at a private training organisation for 18 months. I love being creative and getting out with my camera to photograph nature, bikes, scenery, whatever!

If you like my photos you can download the files in various digital sizes (for a fee of course - I am a struggling artist you know), but if you're having trouble or would like something customised, then send me an email: