The website I am using is an International organisation based in the US (SmugMug).

Because it is a fully inclusive site - it does all the hosting, has the photo albums, and organises payment, it also does all the printing in America, so for this reason I am selling my photos in digital format only.

There are a number of reputable printing services in Australia - many that are online and some with shop fronts. The online printing services that I have used generally warn you if you are trying to print an image that is not to requirements - for example if you purchased a low resolution image and are trying to print it at an A4 size you will be warned that the image is too small. Make sure you buy the right size image for what you want to do with it.

When you purchase a digital image for printing you should consider carefully what you intend to print the image on. There are many different options for printing these days - glossy paper, canvas, metal, or glass. Your image can look vastly different on each of these mediums, matt photos will look darker than glossy photos because of the light reflecting on it.

Once you have downloaded an image the photographer (Christine Mitcheson) is not liable for any costs associated with printing your images.

Photographs purchased through this site are for personal use only. Commercial use of these images will need to be requested from the photographer prior to use. Commercial use includes event programs, Organisations' Facebook Pages, advertising, and all other publications.