2013 Classic National Motocross Championships

Hi everyone,

Just got home to Perth in Western Australia and have been going through my photos to upload.

Thank you for your patience if you've been looking at my website for the photos already.

It will take some time to upload all of the photos for this 2-day event because all of the photos I am uploading are high resolution and subsequently are very large files. This is done so that you can get them printed directly from these photos.

I've tried to organise my galleries into races, but they aren't aligned to the actual races because I might have missed a couple, so if it doesn't look like your race go on to the next gallery. I'm sure I'll get told by my husband where I've gone wrong!

If you want something extra done - like a montage you can send me an email with a link to the photos that you'd like included. There will be an additional charge for this, but I can give you price depending on what you want.

I hope you enjoy having a look at your photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Christine Mitcheson

National Classic Motocross Championship Galleries